Frank’s Orangutang, Aurora, goes to Egypt on his own. Shock!


Aurora, the orangutang, went to Egypt without Frank because Frank was too busy playing on the computer.


Eve and Lamby visit EGYPT!


Elisah and Teymour with Kozo & Sutton Hoo in Ancient Greece

Today we went to The British Museum to see Ancient Greek statues and ruins. It was really fun. My Dad came with us. After lunch we found two teddy bears and went back in time to Ancient Greece. Here is a photo us of with a Greek god and beautiful vases.

Lily and Spencer in Aztec Mexico!

lily and spencer went to london and they visited the british museum. they travelled back in time to mexico.

stanley and ted went to Egypt

I went to Eygpt with my teddy and met all the gods.

Teddy and Cara’s trip to Rome

After lunch, me and my Teddy went time travelling to Rome. We met some gods. They taught us some exciting things but then it was time to say goodbye so I said goodbye and then we went back to  the airport. When I came home I gave my mum and my dad and brother Christopher some gifts.

Tiny and Christopher’s trip to Greece

Christopher and Tiny went to Greece on a big aeroplane. They had a great time and really enjoyed the swimming pool. There was a big, twisty slide and when they went down it, they did a big splash into the water and everyone else got wet. Christopher and Tiny stayed in a hotel. There was a balcony in their room, with a slide for them to go all the way down to the pool. Christopher enjoyed going to the museum. There was a big beach and Christopher enjoyed making sand castles and playing mini-golf. The weather was lovely and warm. Tiny had loads of space in bed and he liked the food. He didn’t feel very well when they went on a boat trip, though. After the boat trip, they had to go on an aeroplane to go home. They had cottage pie and milk shake for lunch.