Dan and Monkey and Foofah and Margot the rabbit went to Eygpt

I went to Egypt and I had lots of fun and a nosebleed. That’s the thing with time travel: nosebleeds. I liked it at Egypt. It was hot. I did some digging and found lots of beads and necklaces and jewellery and a model of a Pharoah. Monkey enjoyed it lots and Margot and Foofah enjoyed it. It was too hot for Monkey. Monkey put a hat on. Margot was warm beczuse she had a hat on. Foofah was OK because his ears were already a sun hat. I saw lots of people. They looked liked really funny because some were rabbits, some where monkeys and some were hens that live in London. And how we got home is we took a plane from Egypt. We saw out of the window lots of houses and people. It was really good. Monkey wants to go again. Foofah and Margot want to go to Egypt every day and every night. So I thought I might go back tomorrow.

Lots of love, Dan. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


PS If you have been to Egypt, then you know how it was for me.


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