Taryn With Mildenhall In Egypt

My name is Taryn. I’m 5 and a half years old. Today I time travelled to Egypt from the British Museum. I had lots of fun at Egypt. Mildenhall is my Teddy. He is the cousin of my teddy Trouble. Mildenhall had lots of fun with me and he wanted to go home. So we went home.Then we wanted to go back to Egypt, so then we had to go back to Egypt and get back again. And then when we came back, we had some food. Mildenhall ate the same food that I had. Then we went back to Egypt to meet everybody and said hello. That’s all for today. Goodbye everybody. From Taryn


One Comment on “Taryn With Mildenhall In Egypt”

  1. Ouma Monica says:

    I love this blog! It is the best blog in Egypt, in the British Museum, in the world and in the whole wide universe. I like the way Taryn stands on top of the Egyptian king’s head, it means that Taryn is the queen. Does the name Taryn mean queen? I thnk Taryn is a beautiful queen! from Ouma Monica

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