Teddington’s Trip to Ancient Greece


We decided that we would go to the temple of Zeus first, that is where we had this picture taken!


There was some beautiful Greek pottery and other treasures.  The front of the temple had HUGE pillars just like the ones at the British Museum, where we started our adventure.


in Rome

I went to Rome in an aeroplane it was fun.  I met a bear on the way and he had a tag on that said ‘look after me.’ I called him little bear.  I saw lots of pots.

Snow and Dylan in Rome in their time travelling adventure

Rome was briliant with all of the bright coulors! The statues were amazing. I had a great time but with all our fur it was very hot. We had a great time in the roman baths. It was very exsiting now were going home.(boo)

I went to the british museum and I went to the teddy bear time traveller I made this picture. The teddy travelled back in the egyptian times   the teddy felt really nervous because he didnt know what it was going to be like.

Antonia and Nathan with Mamarduke & Terry (the bears) Go to Egypt

Antonia and Nathan decided to take Mamarduke and Terry the Teddy Bear to Ancient Egypt to discover what it looked like in the olden days.  Antonia thought that it was a very scary place, but Nathan was really pleased to see all the swords and bow and arrows that the Ancient Egyptians used to fight with. Antonia’s favourite part was seeing the mummies in the tombs. Nathan loved to see the pyramids.

The two bears thought that Ancient Egypt was the best place that they had ever been to.

katie, tiny ted and the smiling buddha

welcome to teddy time traveller , a blog for bears and their owners to write all about their adventures at teddy time traveller in the british museum. this is the place to find  a new friend and let him/her into ur life. u mite want to visit my name is katie and my bear is called tiny ted. you may prehapes want to visit the temples of aztec mezico or china or some other places in teddy time travellers plus  i can’t wait to find out more about the adventures at the teddy time adventures .

Ellie and smirkey in china

China was amazing.I walked The Wall of China it took me 5 days 19 hours on each day.I went to the market and brought tons of fruit.We went to ancient temples We explored castles and ruins.We stayed for 20 days We visited smirkey friends and family.The last thing we did was we hit the gong.I will tell you about my other adventures soon.