Adventure Time!

Go!  The boys grabbed their teddies, Sutton Hoo, Rameses and Belzoni and ran down out of the bedroom in a race. They rushed down the garden and into their neighbour’s shed. “What’s this?” asked Theo. “Looks like a Time Machine!” shouted Ethan in delight. “Let’s go to Ancient China”, said Theo. They both agreed it was a good idea, because Theo’s Panda teddy would attract pandas in China. Sutton Hoo, the owl teddy, and Rameses the teddy would come along too.  Ethan pressed pulled a big red lever and after one big crash, Theo crashed on his head on the seat and Ethan rode on the chair while the machine whizzed them through time. “Cheeseball!” shouted Ethan hysterically and for no apparent reason.

“Hello!” said an ancient Chinese man. The boys opened their eyes and couldn’t believe where they were. They had travelled back eight hundred years to the Ming dynasty. “Oh your baby is crying” said Theo. “Yes”, said the man in perfect modern English, “you made my baby cry with your stupid flashing lights and red candles on this extraordinary contraption.” “Sorry”, replied Theo politely, “please take Sutton Hoo the snowy owl toy in recompense”. “OK” said the baby in perfect modern English, “thank you for your generosity guys – you’re the best ever!”, and gave them a beautiful Ming vase carefully wrapped to keep it safe. And with that, the boys returned to modern times, flogged the vase at auction and became millionaires.


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