Inside a Temple.

When you go to the temple you have to say a special combination to open the door. If you get it right, you can live and go into the temple; if you don’t get it right then you get crushed by a boulder. Which hurts. Quite a lot.

When you are inside (if you get inside) then you have to be careful of all the traps. Some of them have knives shooting out of the wall, and some of them have mallet hammers falling down. But the main trap is when you fall through a trap door into the centre of the earth!

When you get to the Pharoh (if you manage to dodge all the traps) then you have to unwrap him if you want to get the treasure, because some of the jewels are hidden inside his bandages.

When you want to get out, you have to jump out of the window and go down some steps.



Stephen,Stripes and Wibbley-Wobbly Bird go to Egypt

Stephen went to Egypt. He took his teddy bear Stripes, and Stripe’s friend Wibbley-Wobbly bird. It was sunny. It was hot. They saw a pyramid and a sphinx. They found a Pharoh and stood on his head. Here is a picture of Stephen, Stripes and Wibbley-Wobbly bird standing on the Pharoh’s head. When they got back they had fish and chips for tea.



Casper in Greece

Casper Henry Jordan-Bambach friendly Ghost Carrot went to Ancient Greece with his little friend Sutton Hoo a fluffy eagle.bvbjk and we ate china food and we  met china people in Greece!

Fin Travel’s to Ancient Greece

Where to begin? How about once upon a time …  no lets just go back to the day when things took a turn for the worse.  Belzoni went to sniff around the dustbins with his good sense of smell.  He jumped into a bin and found Blue Bear, Ted and Theodore who were playing a game with Be-Bear and Micky-Mouse.    Ted said ‘I want to go exploring’.   Theodore said ‘Oh good I fancy exploring as well’.  They went out onto the street.  And out of nowhere scurried Lily, Laurence, Merlin, Freddie, Grace and Rachel.   They followed him round the corner.

They saw an odd looking post box and stepped inside.   It felt like nothing.  It started to spin, spin, spin … faster, faster, faster.  They began to fall and found ourselves in Aztec Mexico.  It was an amazing site that met there eyes…


Stella & Ruben

Stella and Ruben took their soft toys to Rome.  They got there on their bicycles.  They wanted to see what Romans looked like and wanted to ask them “What do you do?”.  The Romans said that they “Liked eating soft toys”.  So Stella and Ruben jumped on their bicycles and cycled all the way home.