Bear’s trip to Ancient Greece

On saturday the 14th of January 2o12 Antonia, Georgia, David, Bear and Muddy Forth went on a day trip to the British Museum to see the Teddy Time Travelling expedition and they had to go in a Time Machine. It was very hot inside but suddenly when it started working a gust of cold air flowed from the ceiling and they found themselves in Ancient Greece. It was very hot in Ancient Greece and they decided to explore. They saw many statues of gods and soldiers. Then they began to feel hungry so they decided to go in a nearby Ancient Greek restaurant they ate olive oil (of course) and ostrich brains (but most of them didn’t eat the ostrich brains), some bread and fruit stuffed with herbs. Then a strange person came into the restaurant and everybody stopped eating and stared. Then the strange person announced that somebody had to go and find a stolen necklace that had been stolen by a beast. So they said that they’d do it. They started by climbing a high mountain, then rushing through the long grass till they saw a huge temple with a strange figure standing outside. They had a plan. So: Bear attracted the attention of the beast while the others ran in and got the necklace. They ran as fast as they could back to the restaurant and gave the necklace back to the strange person. As a reward he gave them a small statue of Zeus as a souvenir. Then they went home by Time Machine. When they got home to go to bed they slept heavily, dreaming of their adventure.


One Comment on “Bear’s trip to Ancient Greece”

  1. sounds like fun – love mom

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