Mr Muddy and Ben’s trip to Ancient Egypt

Mr Muddy and Ben went to Ancient Egypt on Saturday. They went by a green time travel machine so it didn’t take long. The first thing they saw was a massive pyramid. They were surprised at how huge it was.

They went inside the pyramid and then they saw the mummy of  Tutankhamun. It looked very scary and Mr.Muddy had to hold onto Ben’s hand. Tutankhamun began chasing after them so they had to run fast until they saw a mummified  cat. They hid behind the mummified cat and Tutankhamun went the wrong way!

Then they saw  some hieroglyphics which told them the way out , by  now Tutankhamun was tired of chasing them so he went back to his coffin.

Mr Muddy and Ben were safe. Then they saw a sphinx. It was very big and quite scary. It was made out of  limestone and had the head of a human and the body of a lion. Finally they found their green time machine and went home.



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