My Trip to Ancient Greece

The Temple of Athena

Yesterday, I travelled back in time to Ancient Greece! I visited the Parthenon (the temple dedicated to Athena) It was really fun since I met Zeus the king of all Gods. He is known to be stern and immovable in his decisions but in fact he has a very soft side ( As I was soon to find out ). He was really kind to me as he cancelled all his plans just to welcome me into his palace .

His Royal Chef made an absolutely wonderful lunch! The Majesties waiters served me freshly hunted meat which had been sacrificed to a god, with wheatbread dipped in olive oil, served with a glass of freshly pressed apple juice.

Oh ! You won’t guess how scrumptious the fig pudding was!!! It was as delicious as a chocolate cream cake smothered in vanilla icing . The food was definitely much better than in the 21st century !

The hospitality was great! Zeus ordered that I need to be given everything I could imagine! I really hoped I could stay a bit longer, I wish I could go back there again.

By Maya Ochieng!


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