Rani and Jessie’s adventure to Mexico



Rani and Jessie went to Mexico one day. They travelled on a boat and a plane and the plane landed on the pyramid. We climbed up the pyramid. When we climbed the pyramid we could see lots of things down below. Then they climbed down the pyramid and they went to the park. In the park they played lots of games until it was time to go home. Jessie was not scared on the boat or the plane or the pyramid. When we got home we remembered that it was Christmas and we left out some food for Father Christmas to eat. On Christmas day we were really excited about our presents. We were down stairs opening our presents, it was really exciting to see what was inside. Afterwards we were celebrating Christmas with our family, then they heard a noise on the front door, it was Frida Kahlo. ‘Can I sleepover please?’ and all the people in the house said ‘Yes!’. Frida Kahlo slept over and they had a lovely time and they had a midnight feast. Then they went to bed after the midnight feast and they lived happily ever after. The End.



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