Alex goes to Rome
Me and Sutton Hoo met when I came to London and visited the British Museum.    We went back in time in a time machine to Ancient Rome.   When we got out of the time machine we saw massive buildings made out of stone and marble.  We went to see what was going on and we went to see a theatre.  We saw gladiators fighting fierce lions.  The gladiators wore great helmets and carried long spears which were as sharp as a tiger’s teeth.

Then we saw a chariot race.  It was so dusty we could hardly see what was happening.

It was so hot my head was sweating.  We found a water fountain so we could have a drink.  Then it was time to get back home so we jumped back in the time machine back to the British Museum.  I can’t wait to tell everyone back in Newcastle what I did this weekend.

Alex Russell


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