Alexander’s adventure with scary skulls and skeletons !

I went to the British Museum with my daddy and I saw a special door with jewellery on it. It opened the door and creaked, I went inside and the room was pitch black. I found a special button and I went back in time to the ancient Aztecs.  I opened the door and I saw skulls and skeletons and I was very horrified. I saw all the gods and they were singing a special song which I liked a lot. I was starving hungry so I asked one of the gods if I could have some food. One of the gods said we don’t have any food so you will have to hunt for it. I found a very old spear and bow and arrow which were buried in the ground, I dug them up and kept them. I saw an pig running away from me so I threw the spear and ate the pig. I wasn’t hungry anymore. My daddy was wondering where I was at the British Museum and started calling for me. I asked one of the gods where is time-travelling door. So I went inside the door and it was pitch black again, some lights started to flash and this gave me a clue where the special button was. I pressed the button and I started going forward in time. I went out of the door and I saw my daddy again. My daddy said “Where were you?” I said it is very long story and I will tell you when we get back home.


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