egypt adventure

I went in a rocket to Egypt and I went with Sutton Hoo, the owl.  I went for a look around in a pyramid and found some bodies and some gold. I found a room with more  gold in it. I put all the gold in my bag & run off, with sutton hoo. I put the bag on a hook, & the hook went down. The doors of the pyramid started to shut & scrabe beatles started to come out.  The pyramid started to fall a part. I grabbed my bag fall of gold before it fell & the gold came out.  I also grabbed sutton Hoo.  I skidded under the closing door & ran away from the pyramid, before it came crumbling down. I run to my rocket, before the  world exploded. I went to another planet to save the world.  When I got to the planet, I pressed a rock what was a hidden button & saved the world.  The button made the bomb go into space where it exploded. The world was saved.


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