Inside a Temple.

When you go to the temple you have to say a special combination to open the door. If you get it right, you can live and go into the temple; if you don’t get it right then you get crushed by a boulder. Which hurts. Quite a lot.

When you are inside (if you get inside) then you have to be careful of all the traps. Some of them have knives shooting out of the wall, and some of them have mallet hammers falling down. But the main trap is when you fall through a trap door into the centre of the earth!

When you get to the Pharoh (if you manage to dodge all the traps) then you have to unwrap him if you want to get the treasure, because some of the jewels are hidden inside his bandages.

When you want to get out, you have to jump out of the window and go down some steps.



One Comment on “Inside a Temple.”

  1. amy mcdonald says:

    good title !!!!!!!!!

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