Isabella, Kitty and Mum’s adventure in Egypt.

Isabella and Mum flew from their home in Perth, Australia to go to Egypt.  Isabella was bored in the hotel room in Egypt, so she went on a treasure hunt with her kitty and mum.  They started their treasure hunt on a small boat with a sail on the Nile river.  Along the way, Isabella found some ancient Egyptian necklaces.  After showing her mum the necklaces, Isabella placed the jewels in her treasure box.  After the boat ride, Isabella tied the boat to an ancient wine storage jar she found on the river bank that lead the way to the ancient city called Thebia.  Here she found some people mummies and animal mummies.  The baboon was Isabella’s favourite mummy.  All of a sudden it was time for dinner so they sailed back to the hotel for some yummy fish and chips.  The end.



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