Smirkey’s Mexican Wave

It was the voyage of a lifetime – Smirkey and I had booked ourselves on a slow boat to South America – Smirkey doesn’t like to fly – he gets cabin fever.

The voyage went smoothly until we reached the Caribbean sea – then things started to get strange – Smirkey liked to take an early morning walk around deck – and he noticed that the members of the crew were wearing strange clothes – not only that but the ship was changing shape – and growing sails!

At lunch time the entire crew were speaking only Spanish and the creaking from the now wooden decks was getting louder.  Smirkey was perplexed, but excited.   He asked one of the crew if he could be taken up the mast – he loves being high up – being short of stature.  He was popped into a pocket and up he went – ‘Land Ahoy!’  we heard from below – Smirkey always was a show off.

But he was right – we had reached land – and in the distance we could see strange figures on the shore.  We were put into wooden boats and rowed ashore – the figures on the beach appeared stranger and scarier as we approached – ‘let me look!’ demanded Smirkey.  So I held him aloft so he could see – at which point the strange figures on the shore all cried out and fell to their knees.  As I climbed gingerly out of the boat with Smirkey still held above my head – the strangely bedecked and bejewelled figures made a path for us through their number until we reached a group of even more elaborately dressed men.

In a language nobody could understand they spoke excitedly to me and then, before I could do anything grabbed hold of Smirkey and led us off in a procession – Smirkey held high at the front.

How amazing the sight was – I leave to your imagination – but through bush and forest we went until we reached the most utterly astonishing sight of all – a city of stone – pyramids and buildings rising up to the sky.  And in the middle – the tallest and grandest of them all.  Smirkey was carried in great and solemn procession up to the very top-and there a robe of gold was placed on his shoulders.  Turning around all Icould see was a sea of uplifted faces alldown the steps of the pyramid and beyond.

Smirkey had arrived – where he had always belonged………


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