Flipflops adventure back in time

Here we are….quick take a picture  a thosand years SMILE…..FLASH. Here we are in ancient eygpt were spooky mummys are buried berfore their journey to the after life. Flipflop thought to himself for a moment, then exclaimed quick want to see my friends by the Nile? Grurp grurp BLOP SPLASH OHHHH we are all now wet from head to toe by the nile crockadile. i wanted to show you the egypt crockadile. they are my relitives . . ..Do you see the cats over there in the sun? And the pyrimid shaped face with a long beared. So many amazing colours . . . I never realised you were so exotic flip….. Thank you for taking me, where are we going next? Wooooooosh


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