Flipflops adventure back in time

Here we are….quick take a picture  a thosand years SMILE…..FLASH. Here we are in ancient eygpt were spooky mummys are buried berfore their journey to the after life. Flipflop thought to himself for a moment, then exclaimed quick want to see my friends by the Nile? Grurp grurp BLOP SPLASH OHHHH we are all now wet from head to toe by the nile crockadile. i wanted to show you the egypt crockadile. they are my relitives . . ..Do you see the cats over there in the sun? And the pyrimid shaped face with a long beared. So many amazing colours . . . I never realised you were so exotic flip….. Thank you for taking me, where are we going next? Wooooooosh


Audrey with Big and Small Teddy in Ancient Rome

once upon a time there was a little girl called Audrey.  That little girl was in Rome.  She was an explorer.  She was good at looking for things.  The day was a sunny day.  Audrey had a big teddy and a little teddy.  She played with them.  She loved them.  The big teddy liked her.  The little teddy liked her.  Every day they played and played.  One day Audrey found a shell on the pavement.  She thought how it got there.   The little girl called Audrey stood by the shell all night and all day.  Finally she saw a beach.  That must be where the shell came from, the little girl thought.  The waves were very wavy, the sky was very windy.  The little girl sat on the beach.  The little girl said to her teddies, “I love you”, she said.  The small teddy said “Hooray!”  The big teddy said “Hooray!”  Finally it was too dark for them to stay on the beach – they had to go home.  Both of the teddies were sad.  “Oh” said the little girl, “I didn’t want to go home.”  Then the little girl took the shell home with her to remember her day on the beach.

The Chinese Dragon

the big buddha has a fat tummy

The Chinese Gong

I am in China.

Darius and Teddy’s trip to ancient Greece

Just a few minutes ago, a lady took a photo of me and Teddy and teleported us into ancient Greece.

Flying around the World

I started flying around the World in 2003. My pet owl is my best friend and transport.  In Egypt we saw a famous Sphynx and pyramids. We wanted to see some more and I heard that the Aztecs had pyramids too.  We’re inside a King’s pyramid at the moment.  I’ve found a crown and I’d like to try it on. Do you think I should?


Oh no! The King has come alive! I think he wants to eat me.  I’ve got to go now. I wonder where my owl will take me next?


plague of ancient China

My pet rat, Rata and I have travelled the ancient world and seen many wonderful things. We’ve seen mummies with ginger hair and goldfish wrapped in bandages. We saw ceramics from Japan and skeletons from the Aztecs. The ancient Greeks made pots for us to admire. Our final destination was China. We were both exhausted and Rata confused with all this time travelling. He mistook my neck for a tasty snack and gave me the plague. What an unfortunate end to our time travelling……