Flipflops adventure back in time

Here we are….quick take a picture  a thosand years SMILE…..FLASH. Here we are in ancient eygpt were spooky mummys are buried berfore their journey to the after life. Flipflop thought to himself for a moment, then exclaimed quick want to see my friends by the Nile? Grurp grurp BLOP SPLASH OHHHH we are all now wet from head to toe by the nile crockadile. i wanted to show you the egypt crockadile. they are my relitives . . ..Do you see the cats over there in the sun? And the pyrimid shaped face with a long beared. So many amazing colours . . . I never realised you were so exotic flip….. Thank you for taking me, where are we going next? Wooooooosh


I went to Egypt on a camel over the dessert with my teddy to see the mummy’s.

Dylan and Tweety’s adventure

Me and my teddy went to Aztec Mexico, we saw the temples and conquered Mexico!!!

Me and Pooky went to Egypt.

We we to Ancient Egypt to help with my school project. We saw all the mummies and had tea with them!

My adventures in Mexico

Once i went to Mexico with Paul and my brother Lenny. We visited a huge aztec temple in Teotihuacan, the city were the men become GODS .There were lots of idols and people were dressing feathers. There were a lot of dogs and birds with beautiful blue feathers. We visited the temple of Quetzalcoatl and eat alot of spicy tacos.


I was in Mexico with Tornado and it was very funny.The sun was shinning and Tornado ran very fast. Tornado was very brave because she was afraid of falling.

Evie and Mathias in ancient China

On Saturday Mathias and Evie visited the British Museum and took a time travel trip to ancient China.

Domenica Mathias e Evie hanno visitato il British Museum e intrapreso un viaggio nel tempo nell’antica Cina.