me and my teddy went to Rome on a plane.


Euan and Panda’s Trip to Greece

Panda and I went to Ancient Greece and fought in a battle. We were on the roof because we wanted to drop a weight on the Emperor’s head.

I went to Egypt on a camel over the dessert with my teddy to see the mummy’s.

the fantastic holiday!

a couple  of minutes ago, a  lady took a photo of me and Teddy and teleported  us in  ancient Greece!

Dylan and Tweety’s adventure

Me and my teddy went to Aztec Mexico, we saw the temples and conquered Mexico!!!

Me and Pooky went to Egypt.

We we to Ancient Egypt to help with my school project. We saw all the mummies and had tea with them!


Teddy and I went to Mexico and saw this amazing aztec pyramid.  We had lots of fun.   It was very hot and sunny.  Maybe one day we will go back again!